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The non-MagSafe phone case is not compatible with the MagSafe Hoop Wallet. Please select a MagSafe case or Sticky Back Hoop Wallet.


All black braided rope with matching hook and hardware.

THE CÆP'S switch rope is what makes our crossbody case functional. Turn our detach case into a wearable crossbody case within seconds. 

Please note:

Our switch ropes only connect to THE CÆP'S detach cases and won't connect to any regular phone case. 

The silky, shiny surface feels very comfortable on the skin. With the slider you can modify the length of the rope. 

Rope Features

The length of the rope is adjustable with the slider. 

- Length: 60 inches (152cm)

- Thickness: 7MM

- Silky smooth surface

- Easy to clean, quick dry

- Non-toxic (OEKO-TEX®)


Please keep away from small children.