Poppy Wristlet
Poppy Wristlet
Poppy Wristlet
Poppy Wristlet
Poppy Wristlet


Poppy Wristlet

Regular price$45.00 USD

Chain Color

The non-MagSafe phone case is not compatible with the MagSafe Hoop Wallet. Please select a MagSafe case or Sticky Back Hoop Wallet.


  • Hand braided tie dye cotton fabric, orange pink and beige.
  • Gold, silver or black lightweight aluminum chain 
  • 15 inches, 37cm
  • Traditional African cowrie shell
  • Handmade in Cape Cod

Please note:

Each of our Bohos is meticulously handmade, resulting in unique variations that may differ slightly from one another. The handmade nature of our products means that some fraying along the edges is to be expected, and this may increase over time.

THE CÆP, in no way guarantees the integrity of your smartphone or screen when housed in the case. Handle with care and employ your cell phone at your own risk. 

Kids love to play believe with this product. Rope as well as the component parts present very real choking hazards. Children should handle the case only under adult supervision. Common parenting sense best applied. 

Product might differ slightly from displayed photos and fabric may fray after some time.

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