WORK THE NEON! You can choose between five neon colors and even have us add our Goldi chain wristlet directly to the beads. Pick your favorite from the dropdown menu. 
  • Neon Purple, neon green, neon pink, electric blue or neon yellow
  • Smiley or shell charm
  • Gold spacer beads
  • 16.5 inches, 43 cm
  • Handmade in Cape Cod
  • A single Detach Hook has to be purchased separately in order to attach Zelda to the Case. 

We are using high quality, and one of the strongest beading string, that is made in the USA. The stainless steel wire has 49 strands of micro wires with a protective nylon coating.

Please note:

Zelda is only compatible with THE CÆP's phone cases and won't attach to any other phone case.

Please handle with care, and be aware that when exposed to sunlight, water, air, etc the color of some beads might change, and is unavoidable.

THE CÆP, in no way guarantees the integrity of your smartphone or screen when housed in the case. Handle with care and employ your cell phone at your own risk. 

Kids love to play believe with this product. Rope as well as the component parts present very real choking hazards. Children should handle the case only under adult supervision. Common parenting sense best applied. 

Product might differ slightly from displayed photos.