Black Hoop


Choose between MagSafe or a Sticky Back version from the dropdown menu. 

High quality, super soft vegan leather credit card holder for your phone case in black.


The elastic loop allows for effortless single-handed texting and improved photography. It also doubles as a stand for easy video viewing. Our Hoop wallets have a capacity for up to four credit cards.

Only the MagSafe version can be used with a MagSafe phone case.

**Please Note: Our MagSafe wallets use the strongest magnet on the market that are designed to not compromise your credit/debit cards. Our MagSafe wallets are not designed to be used as the primary method of carrying your phone on a regular basis due to the strength of the magnet. They are primarily designed to hold your cards, to be held for temporary handheld use, and to be used to prop-up your phone on a surface.

All non MagSafe wallets are applied by peeling of the film on the back and sticking them to your phone case. Once you removed the film, please press firmly on your case for about 20 seconds. They don't have a MagSafe function. 

Measurements: 6.2cm x 9.5cm


Because of it's dimensions, the Hoop wallet is too big and doesn't fit properly on the following sizes:

iPhone: 13 Mini, 12 Mini

Samsung Galaxy: S22, S23

The bottom corners of the wallets slightly stick out on the iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro.

We recommend not taking the sticky wallet off, once it has been applied to the phone case. The sticker might peel off the wallet and it might leave stains on the phone case.