Handmade in Chatham. Keep your phone protected and adorned with this luster, soft white sea pearl charm. It is about 17 inches long and comes with about 8 mm oval shaped freshwater sea pearl beads and our signature Æ bead.

Pick between our dark ocean pearl light pearl. It comes with high-quality brass, nickel or black swivel snaps. Silver snaps come with little silver beads, brass and black snaps come with little golden beads. It can be attached to our clear case or detach case (please don't forget to add a single hook, when pairing with the detach case). 

Please note:

The color of the ocean pearl beads might look slightly different from displayed images. THE CÆP, in no way guarantees the integrity of your smartphone or screen when housed in the case. Handle with care and employ your cell phone at your own risk. 

Please keep away from small children. Kids love to play believe with this product.  The component parts present very real choking hazards. Common parenting sense best applied. 

Pearl might look slightly different from displayed images.