Samsung Velvet + Cerise Crossbody Set
Samsung Velvet + Cerise Crossbody Set
Samsung Velvet + Cerise Crossbody Set
Samsung Velvet + Cerise Crossbody Set


Samsung Velvet + Cerise Crossbody Set

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Velvet Samsung Case (Choose Your Size)

The non-MagSafe phone case is not compatible with the MagSafe Hoop Wallet. Please select a MagSafe case or Sticky Back Hoop Wallet.


Velvet is a beautiful, modern berry hue that stands out. Thanks to its flexible, sturdy construction and velvety feel, this case promises reliable protection, featuring a shock-resistant inner pad. The length of the rope is adjustable.

This Set includes a Velvet Detach Case, a Cerise Tassel Rope and a Detach Hook.


Select the desired phone case size and MagSafe or non-MagSafe model from the  menu.

Cleaning: Cautiously handle Velvet, and to reduce the risk of permanent discoloration, we advise cleansing with Alcohol Prep Pads once or twice a week.

Please be aware: Our TPU phone cases, like other light-colored surfaces, can easily become soiled. Wearing it daily increases chances of dirt transfer to fabric, etc. Light-hued TPU phone cases are particularly susceptible to discoloration from UV, water, sweat, dirt, and other external/internal conditions. This change is permanent, so to avoid color bleeding, don't store your phone case in pockets.

Please note:

THE CÆP does not guarantee protection for your smartphone or screen when inside the case, so handle it carefully and use your cell phone at your own discretion. We suggest that children should only handle the case with adult supervision. Safe parenting practices should be employed.

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